Are These Servers Still Active After All These Years?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeathChimp, Sep 12, 2018.

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    I stopped playing Minecraft years ago. One thing that kept me playing back then however was this mod pack. I remember I had this donation rank that gave me a kit or two (which I may or may not still have). I loved making this sealed bunker that I would TP in and out of. Some of the best fun I've had before I started playing Rust. This mod pack inspired my interest in the survival games genre and it recently just popped back into my head...

    I was wondering a few things about it... is it still alive? Are the servers active? Will I still have my rank? But more importantly, are the mechanics the same? The mechanics where you could go to airfield and find military loot, and go to that medical bunker and find medical loot. I don't remember what that map was called... but man did I love it. That tower at airfield was always poppin'. I loved logging out up their then logging back on to like 2 or 3 dudes in it and just spraying them down.

    I really do miss this mod pack, and I might even reinstall it and relive it. I've sort of parted ways with all my Minecraft friends and Minecraft in general, but even just hopping on one last time by myself might be worth it.

    Thanks for reading... I just really wanted to get this out there, see if anyone else feels the same way or just enjoyed reading it.
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    The servers are less active sadly, but I still enjoy being on them and talking to people with the same interests.
  3. gomizzou4

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    Kinda late but yeah the mechanics are the same but with just less people.
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    The term "active" is technicaly true. But CD is not what it was. It has changed literally and figuratively, some ways good and some ways bad. But overall as a whole the modpack has been on a decline for a few years.
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    It is when people want to be lol. After all, that's what makes a community.

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