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  1. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Hello and welcome to the Crafting Dead!

    My name is Legion or Matt and i'm making this tutorial on how to start your game on the Crafting Dead. I will start from downloading the Modpack, to server selection and even bases. Thank you and I hope you enjoy! (p.s more will be added soon!)

    Important information will be highlighted in this color
    Table of contents:

    1: Downloading the Modpack

    2: Navigating the menu

    3: Factions

    4: Server selection

    5: Loot

    6: Bases

    7: Airdrops

    8. Forge Tables

    9.Legions suggestions
    1: Downloading the Modpack:
    Let's start off with downloading the Crafting Dead. I would recommend having about 1 gigabyte of ram dedicated to the Technic launcher before you play. If you need to check how much is added, click “Launcher Options”. A new menu should pop up. Then click on the “Java Settings” tab and you will see the Memory box. Make sure that is at least 1 GB or higher. But don’t use all of your ram because you will starve your computer of resources. The 32 bit version of the launcher maxes at 1 GB. If you can't add more than 1 GB than check the "Minecraft Java version" and see if you can make it 64 bit. If not then your java is out of date or your computer does not support the 64 bit.

    The Crafting Dead is a modpack on the Technic launcher. When you are on the “MODPACKS” tab, click the “add pack or search”. Type in "Official Crafting Dead". It will be made by F3rullo14. Then download the modpack. Now we can continue on to the next section.

    2: Navigating the Menu
    First if you are having an issue with the cloud then please use this link!
    2: Now we are on the Crafting Dead home menu! For those who want to jump into the action press “Play” On the left side bar. If you want to get into the action now is the time to move onto section 4! For those who want to stay and get more information on navigating the menu then keep reading. The community tab will bring you 4 options. We will start with "Discord" This will open a tab that brings you to the official CD discord. This is where you can see important announcements, participate in giveaways, chat in our text and voice channels along with request staff for issues you may encounter in game. Next we have the "Forums" That brings you to the home page of our Official Forums. In other words the website that your currently on. The "YouTube" Tab will bring you to the Official Crafting Dead YouTube channel. You can then can see some of the various things we are working on! Last we have "The CD Team" tab, this will bring you to our leaders, admins and developers. At the bottom of the home menu, we have the "Options" tab, this will bring you to the modpack settings. It can let you change the blood splatters on your screen from damage, to the karma skins and texture pack. You can also change your Minecraft options for the modpack with audio, controls, etc. Now we are onto part 3!

    Factions are a way to keep your friends in one. You can make a faction name(Restricted to 5 or less letters), see the players in your faction, see your factions total player and zombie kills, along with your faction members average karma level. The faction owner can kick people and change the description for your faction. The faction owner is the only person that can disband the faction. The faction owner can also assign people to be faction admins with the “Permissions” tab. They can do the same things as the faction owner besides disband the faction. Now let's go onto the game!

    4: Server Selection
    This is one of the more complex choices. Where to start… I will start in order with the server list. We will start with Dead Island and move down the list. Before we start if you get a text on your screen saying "Unable to connect to the cloud" Then please restart your game or use this tutorial:

    US: Dead Island is a popular hot zone for many players. It contains cities and towns that are very concentrated with buildings It also has a giant military base where combat and players are found. For a new players that are not good at pvp I would not recommend this map. But for the more experienced players that are good in pvp and ready for a challenge then this map can be fun for you.

    US: Atlanta is a large map and the second popular. It is the largest map on the official servers. All of the buildings in it are heavily spread out and grouped into towns/cities and military bases. The players are mostly located around the military bases and major cities. It provides lots of land for making bases.

    US: Riverside(hardcore) is like Atlanta hardcore Not based on the map but the game mode. This map is very small and is great for combat on a hardcore server. This map has a large city in the center of the map. This map is technically the smallest map in the official servers. It is called Riverside because It has a giant river that flows though the map. This is an amazing server for a challenge!

    US: Somerset is made up of a large map, with many cities and bases connected by an extensive road system. It has a good amount of loot split between each city locations. It also has a lower amount of players making it a good map for starters that wants to explore and get loot with ease.

    US: Charland is overall a smaller map but is picked by a good amount of people. It has less cities and military zones than the other maps. But it creates an area for people to have a higher chance for battles. I recommend this map for new players.

    Copy this link to find out about locations to cities, towns, military bases, shop and more!
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  2. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    5: Loot Piles
    Loot Piles is how you get guns, ammo, food, water, base parts, clothing and most other items. They come in different colors. Each color drops different type of loots. Let's go in order of worst to best.

    White Loot Piles: The common class loot, Is very common and found almost everywhere a building is present. You can find it in civilian cities and buildings. It drops small firearms along with canned food and water. You can get low grade armor and small backpacks as well.

    Yellow loot piles: The Construction class loot, This loot pile is uncommon, it contains construction type loot. Yellow loot has base blueprints, blueprints, forge tables, tools like fire axes and pickaxes. It contains medium armor, small and medium backpacks. Yellow loot also drops Incendiary Powder that can be used in forge tables. Along with secondary fire arms like pistols along with sub machine guns. It can be found in cities and towns along with construction sites.

    Red Loot Piles: The Medical class loot, Can be common in medical locations like hospitals, but more rare everywhere else. It is the medical loot. It can drop Medpacks, Bandages, Morphine, RBI cure, Bottled RBI(Good for poison ammo in forge tables), some small firearms and Smg class weapons. It can contain medium to high grade armor and medium backpacks.

    Blue Loot Piles: The Police class loot, can be common in police stations and around police cars. It is more rare around the map. It contains some items like handcuffs, tasers, police clothing and small arms with ammo. Green. Its found in mostly police stations but It can be found in airports, jails, police cars and some city buildings.

    Green Loot Piles: The Military class loot, Can be common in military locations but rare everywhere else. It drops military grade equipment and weapons making it the best. You can get primary weapons like assault rifles, snipers and small firearms. Green loot can drop heavy and juggernaut armor along with large backpacks.You can obtain toss able items like grenades, smoke grenades, fire grenades, C4, etc. Personally Green is the best loot you can get. But the only problem is its found in military bases. Military bases and camps attract many players.

    Bases are an important part of the game. Bases let you make a home and chests to store loot.To start you will need a base blueprint(Can be found in yellow loot or bought in Shop) to make the base core. The core will act as work bench giving you a custom crafting menu. You can make walls, doors, platforms, chests, barbwire in this. It will tell you the materials needed. The base will need walls, doors and a ceiling to become a home. Also you can include chests to store items and loot. Along with barbwire to keep players and zombies out. Each wall, ceiling and door blocks can be broken individually. Letting you make windows, stairs and openings. Use an fireaxe or hatchet to break wood and a sledgehammer or pickaxe to break the stone. You need a drill to break concrete. Sand Barriers will need a pickaxe to break. You can make your base out of a variety of materials. Wood is the easiest and can be obtained by mining a tree with a fireaxe or hatchet. You can also make your base out of stone brick and cement. Both need stone pebbles to be made. Stone pebbles can be obtained by mining stone blocks with a sledge hammer or pickaxe. Every item that can be made in the base center will need blueprints. You can obtain blueprints in yellow loot. Now that you got your materials for a base, its time to place it! You need to be a minimum of 35 blocks away from other bases. Your base also can’t be close to leaves, gravel, road, etc. If you can’t place the base or a message saying base unable to be placed then you're too close to a anti-base spawner. Now that your base blueprint is placed, you can add friends and other players to your base. They can open chests and doors but not break or add new blocks. You can add players by clicking "ADD" while in the base menu. You need to enter their username into the menu that appears. You can view the currently added members to your base by clicking the "MEMBERS" button. If you want to remove a player from your base then click the "REMOVE" Button and type in the exact username.

    If you want a video tutorial about bases then copy the link:

    7: Airdrops
    Airdrops can be very useful on gaining materials. Currently their are 2 different airdrops in the game. The military airdrop and the medical airdrop. You can buy personal airdrops with airdrop radios in exchange for USD.
    The Military Airdrop drops military grade loot. It can drop anything from guns, ammo, armor, grenades, food and more. They will spawn on the map at set locations that are randomly picked. Each map has different sets of cords, please refer to the tutorial below. Once they begin the drop you will have 1 minute before the airdrop hits the ground and is open for anyone to take. But be warned that the airdrop will announce its drop cords in everyone's chat. Their is a chance it will be a battle for the contents inside.

    Medical Airdrop has the same system as the military drop, but it has different items inside. The Medical airdrop contains items like Medpacks, bandages, splints and morphine, pistols and smg weapons, along with medium to high armor and ammo. It can contain RBI cures and Bottled RBI.

    A wonderful friend of mine has made a tutorial on the locations airdrops occur on each server! use this link: http://www.craftingdead.com/forum/threads/every-single-supply-drop-location.8670/
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  3. LegionPlays

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    8:Forge tables
    Forge tables, They are a way to make unique ammo types like explosive and infected rounds. Forge tables can be placed in player bases. You can place forge tables with a forge table blueprint. These blueprints are found in yellow loot(Construction) Forge tables will take a 1x1 block but are 3x1 blocks long. To start, Forge tables use Scrap metal as a fuel. Scrap metal can be gathered off zombies as loot once they are killed. You put the scrap metal in the top right slot, the forge table uses 1 scrap metal per mag. Next you can make the different ammo types like explosive rounds, Infection rounds, and incendiary rounds. Explosive rounds take raw explosives, infection rounds take bottled rbi or rbi syringes, the incendiary rounds take incendiary chemical blend. One of these items will go into the "?" mark spot on the top left. Then the ammo type will go in the bottom center. The Explosive rounds create a kind of small splash damage. The Infection rounds have a low chance of giving the player that is shot rbi infection. Lastly the incendiary rounds will have a low chance of igniting the player getting shot. Multiple forge tables can be placed in a single base.

    9: Legions suggestions
    Hello, This section is going to be for my personal recommendations. I will start from my server selection to how I would play and assemble my base. Now for a starter I would recommend starting on the Dead Island server. It contains the highest player count and has large cities. I would start off by getting to know the key locations around the map and getting to know where players may be found and locations to avoid. Now I would focus on getting to high density cities like the docks and airfield to gather loot. I would always want to hold onto guns that can be sold in shop and hold onto valuable armor types and base items. Its an easy way to gather cash from selling items. From a person that had started off as a "Lone wolf" for a good amount of time and with a low rank. I would focus on getting a base operational as quick as possible and in a good location if I can. I would always scout out important locations like the military bases and around cities and shop. If I found a base location then I would focus on getting enough money for a base blueprint and getting it placed at soon as possible and to ensure the location is secure and I will receive little interference from players while I'm in a weak stage of making my base. (use to section 6 on base Building) Chests are important in a base but having walls to keep the zombies/players out are just as important. After I have a good base set up with at least 4 walls around it, a roof and a few chests then I will be ready for the next stage of getting more money and expanding my base slowly. To speed up this process I would highly recommend that players join a faction/clan ASAP as being with other players is important and can be helpful. It also can be very fun. To most this section will be useless but to the others it can be a good recommendation of where to start. Thank you (I will probs edit this and make it better with time)
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  4. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Change logs:
    -Added blue loot piles to section 5. 5/6/18

    -Added US: Riverside(hardcore) and US: Atlanta(hardcore) to part 4(Server Selection)
    -Added a third section to allow room for the sections that are at the max word count.
    -Added section 8!
    -Added section 9!

    -Added archive section
    -Removed covina and eu servers and moved
    them to the archived section

    Now this leads to the end of the starter tutorial. I would like to thank you for reading! If you have any more questions you can always contact me though the forums and discord. I will be adding more to this shortly. If you have any recommendations please tell me, thanks! As always be sure to look at some of these other tutorials, some people have worked very hard on them!!! -Legion

    Archived section:

    -US: Atlanta(hardcore) is like the Atlanta Map Hardcore servers have little perms and ranks. The only rank that can be bought is the Donar rank that just gives the tpa command. This command is use able every 15 minutes. Donar's get ./nick and have blue text messages in the chats. The rank also gives kit Donar, this kit contained advanced supplies. The prices in shop are also increased. Players can't make bases on this map.

    EU: Atlanta is the same exact map as US: Atlanta. But the server contains less players and is set up for players on the EU side of the world. It will give the EU side of the world a better ping as well.

    EU: Charland is the same exact map as US: Charland. But the server contains less players and is set up for players on the EU side of the world. It will give the EU side of the world a better ping as well.

    US: Covina is the smallest map with the lowest player count. I strongly recommend this map to new players that want to gather loot at large military locations with a lower chance at a fight. The map is smaller and more condensed, making trips between each city, town and military location a short walk. This map is also good for players that want to build and expand on a base location.
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