A story of a Survivor

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    One Day i joined the wonderful community of the crafting dead first when i came to its world i didnt understand how things work i knew how to get loot once i jumped from a high building i broke my leg i got soo scared i hid in a small shop i stayed there untill i ate all of my food and drank all of my water.. Then it happend Some one just came infornt of my eyes he didnt look to have much but he was armed with a mele weapon i pulled out my only weapon it was just a broken miner picaxe it have lost lots of its durability because of fighting all of this walkers i tried to scare the person he didnt seem to be trying to hurt me but he just kept comming back i thoght he wanted to help me and he did give me lots of food and water i was soo happy that there is some good people in this world we Became best friends we shared food water weapons without him a couldn't survive the apocalypse untill one day we got trapped by hordes of walkers the only way to escape this is by fighting our way out.. We used all of our ammo and medkits but we made it out of there we hid some where then we was gonne starve he wanted to go in a supply run alone Becouse he had some ammo and u was seriously wounded but i blame my self every second that i let him go alone... Just when Corl came out of the door.... He got shoot by a sniper... I couldn't believe this he was my best and only friend and now i just see him on the ground dead... I was scared to come out untill i saw that sniper getting down and looting my dear friend corl i hid and he didnt see me i saw him he got the sniper that killed him on his back i didnt have any guns since we used all on the walkers horde i only had my machete i RUSHED INTO THE SNIPER I JUST KEPT HITTING HIM OVER AND OVER AGAIN I WAS SOO ANGRY HE DIDNT EVEN GET THE CHANCE TO SHOOT ME.... Corl my friend i got you revenge but this turned me into another person when i looted that sniper he had like 10 bags full of medical supplies but it was to late for corl the person im now is a Survivor what ever it takes i will kill anything and anyone that stands in my way to Survive

    -written by TheWildTester
    -True CD Story
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    Sorry if there is any Grammar mistakes im not from an english country

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