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  1. As always, please read my suggestions thoroughly & carefully. I almost always get people throwing up crap at me that was already covered in my post. Please?

    #1 The ammo needs re-done.
    The RPK & ak47 use the same bullets & have compatible mags. So, why can't I put RPK mags into the ak47 or ak47 mags into the RPK? The mags should be labeled what caliber the bullets are, & then the gun will tell you the caliber it takes. Example:5.56 30Rnd stanag mag. Or 5.56 80Rnd stanag mag. Or 7.62 x 39 60rnd mag. Or 7.62 x 39 100Rnd mag. The shotgun shells need to be labeled what gauge they are, & if they are the same gauge, both shotguns can take the shells. You should get the point.

    #2 A way to mount guns using the bipod.
    This gives the bipod a little more usefulness. Basically, if a block is sticking out of the ground, & if your gun has a bipod on it, you walk up to that block(that comes up to your legs, so not a slab, but two slabs on each other would work) & then hit a new control. Then your gun is mounted with more accuracy & less recoil. To un-mount your weapon, hit the control again.

    #3 A sort of mag attachment for the crossbow.
    Basically, this "Mag" attachment would go on the stock (spray paint) slot of the crossbow. It would hold five arrows, & the cross bow would still be able to load arrows out of your inventory. However, when you have this attachment on, you must reload the attachment & the crossbow, making the reload time 6x as long, because then the cross bow holds 6 arrows, not 1.

    #4 A flashlight attachment.
    This would go be able to go on the barrel & THE GRIP. That way, if you want a flashlight, you can chose to get rid of the suppressor OR your tactical grip. All it is is a torch attached to your gun. It would provide light just like a torch. But, what would be AWESOME is they make it just like a flashlight, not a torch(shoots a beam of light in the direction your facing).

    #5 A new gun. WAIT WAIT WAIT. JUST READ IT! JUST READ THE DESCRIPTION! I do not want to hear your "Oh Just another stupid gun". Listen. We have a few of the ww2 weapons such as the m1911, the 12gauge "Trenchgun" shotgun, The m1 Garand rifle, But what about the good ol tommy gun? Where is the LMG/SMG/assault weapon from ww2?
    Thompson or the good ol tommy gun. A LMG-assault rifle (Light machine gun) depending on whether you have the 20, 30, 50 or 100Rnd magazines. The gun would have a single fire mode & a full auto fire mode. Here's something cool with the tommy gun: If you put a tactical grip on the tommy gun, it will not make the black tactical looking grip, instead it puts the classic weird looking wood grip on.
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    Suggestion 1; Would be nice since we have STANAGs so we could also have those 2 guns have compatible ammos.

    Suggestion 2; I like the idea of it.

    Suggestion 3; It would not be realistic for the crossbow to have a magazine and would be to over powered.

    Suggestion 4; Could be cool but the topic has been brought up before.

    Suggestion 5; The Tommy Gun would nice to have but I think the problem would be that no one would use it.
  3. I hear you about the tommy gun. It would just be cool.

    I did not know the flashlight had been brought up before.

    Now for number 3. You are saying it would be overpowered because you would be able to fire rapidly. Wrong. You would still have to wait that insane reload time each time you shot. You just don't have to press R at all. That, & when you need to reload, the crossbow would take 6 times longer, cause your loading 6 arrows instead of one.. The only pro about the attachment is you can hold arrows somewhere. I accept your likely not going to put it in, I just wanted to make it clear it would NOT change its fire rate. You just wouldn't have to hit R, like an auto re-loader sort of.
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